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To the members of DSA-Madison:

Carol Čizauskas asks you to elect her to the Organizer/Communications Coordinator position because of her passionate belief in democratic socialism, commitment to social justice, willingness to put the time and effort into this elected position, and qualifications to serve in this position.

Carol awoke to political activism when Bernie declared his candidacy for president. She was one of a core group of six grassroots organizers for Bernie in northern Nevada before the campaign came to the state and then hired as the first staffer in northern Nevada. Because of their efforts, northern Nevada won for Bernie over Hillary in the caucuses, despite that region running typically conservative and establishment. Carol then was elected delegate for Bernie to the national convention, where she fought for justice for Bernie and his delegates despite a rigged primary and convention for Hillary, including constant protests on and off the convention floor with threats to her and her fellow delegates’ credentials and even physical safety.

Bernie caught Carol’s soul on fire because of his stances on justice: economic, social, racial, and environmental. She saw in Bernie a statesman who stood for what she believes and was impeccable in his long record of integrity, the first candidate since her young political awareness in 1974, the summer of the Watergate hearings. Because of Bernie, Carol “came out of the closet” and proudly declared her socialist beliefs which align with the standards and values of democratic socialism.

In running for this office, Carol is choosing with her heart, mind, and eyes open to commit time and energy to serve and to help steer DSA-Madison to its next step in active growth to win over hearts and minds in our area to democratic socialism and its goals to fight for justice. She is excited to put her skills and experience to work in this position. The first goal Carol plans to pursue is to create an ongoing radio program on WORT to promote the ideals of democratic socialism, perhaps as a joint venture of DSA-Madison, Our Wisconsin Revolution (for which Carol serves on the communications committee), and possibly other similarly left-leaning Madison political groups.

Carol has years of experience in communications roles, including years as a journalist, both in print and public radio. She knows how to craft an effective press release and get press to cover political events. Through her experience organizing for Bernie in northern Nevada, Carol knows how to organize effectively through social media to get great turnout to events, meetings, and voting. And she has years of experience working as a volunteer in politics and nonprofits.

Carol respectfully and eagerly asks you to vote for her as DSA-Madison Organizer/Communications Coordinator.